About Us

We are two mothers with tearaway little boys.
One day we got talking about their school uniform, discussing how it was strange that we buy our kids clothes for the weekend made of natural fabrics, and yet, the clothes that they have to wear for at least 35 hours a week, their school uniforms, are all made of polyester, acrylic or polycotton mix. We chatted with some other mums and found that most of them felt the same. 
We wanted to have the choice of school uniforms made ethically, with natural and planet-friendly fabrics which have no nasty chemicals, so that our kids can be safe, comfortable, and allergy-free while they wear it.
We talked some more and decided to see if there was anything we could do...
- So... we got to workin' .. and workin' .. Now that we have managed to jump through all the hoops, and get all the stars aligned, we are proud and delighted to offer you our Eco Outfits, made from 100% pure organic cotton, which has no nasties, and feel lovely and soft.
Our kids have been wearing our organic uniform range for a while now and they are happier and so are we...
Come on Mums and Dads, why not give this a try!  
Marina & Irina 

EcoOutfitters founders