What does sustainability mean to us?

From the very start, sustainability was at the heart of this project. Our goal has been to make better choices for our children and our planet. We have spent a lot of time researching potential fabrics and processes so we could ensure we were offering the most sustainable and ethical products. After careful consideration, we choose to work with GOTS certified organic cotton.

This certification body ensures that the cotton seeds are not genetically modified. Organic cotton fields are free from toxic pesticides or herbicides, which is not only protecting the health of the farmers but the wellbeing of the entire community and the local ecosystem. 

Organic cotton uses between 60 and 90% less water compared to conventional cotton; it is also more beneficial for the soil quality.

GOTS certifications guarantee that every stage of the entire production process is closely monitored and is free from any hazardous chemicals that can cause damage to the people who handle them, local rivers and water sources, and marine life.

For more information on the GOTS standard please read here.


Where are our products made?

We work with factories in Turkey, Portugal and India and enjoy close relationships with our suppliers. All our factories are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS certification guarantees that everybody involved in the production chain is earning a fair wage and that no child labour is used. 


What fabrics do we use?

We only use GOTS certified organic cotton in our productions.


Why Organic Cotton? 

Organic cotton feels soft and comfy because the fibres are left intact and not broken down by the chemicals used in the farming and processing of conventional cotton. It’s much kinder to children’s delicate skin and is less likely to trigger allergies as it is free from allergenic, carcinogenic, and toxic chemical residues. Many of our little customers suffer from eczema and various skin complaints, and it is great to know that our organic cotton uniforms help them to keep irritation to a minimum and stay itch-free while they learn.


Do we use any coatings?

Our school uniforms are coatings and Teflon free, keeping the fabrics breathable, soft and comfortable


What are you doing to reduce single-use plastic in packaging?

At EcoOutfitters, we have been working hard to eliminate the use of all unnecessary consumable materials including single-use plastic in our packaging. Our mailbags are made from recycled paper. Some of our product bags are biodegradable, while the majority is now compostable. We aim to switch to compostable bags for all products by 2022. Our hang tags are made from lightweight cardboard and our washing labels made from 100% organic cotton.